About The Author

Russell Kirkman-aka, the Author, the Artist, the Teacher, at the age of 24 suffered a near death experience. Upon his return from what he refers to as the “light experience,” he is still unsure whether or not, he crossed over or simply returned, as the ultimate gift when he received a second chance at life. This is a fact that he never takes lightly because, “life was never intended to be lived twice“.

It was around 2:00 am in Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, when Russell went through a re-examination of self. He told God, “if you allow me to get back to 100 percent, my goal and mission will be to find my Calling in this life.” After aligning his Universe to the Universe where his purpose and existence were in perfect execution, he felt as if he was experiencing heaven on earth. He set his sights on replicating this feeling, such that others can have the same experience and that was the impetus of “Maybe it’s me”?

Russell is a co-owner of a Mental Health and Addiction facility as well as a Toxicology lab. Russell is also a math, science, and physics enthusiast. He explains in his books how applicable these disciplines are in our everyday lives. He believes “Life is simple, just not easy.” With that in mind, he provides his readers the necessary tools, skill sets and coping mechanisms to achieve the ultimate objective of life - Peace, Love and Happiness (Heaven on Earth).

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