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Russell Kirkman-aka, the Author, the Artist, the Teacher, at the age of 24 suffered a near death experience. Upon his return from what he refers to as the “light experience,” he is still unsure whether or not, he crossed over or simply returned, as the ultimate gift when he received a second chance at life. This is a fact that he never takes lightly because, “life was never intended to be lived twice“.

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Maybe It's Me?

Each and every one of us are placed upon this earth with a purpose, a reason for being here. Yet, so many of us are living under the gravitational pull of fear, anger, stress, anxiety, and depression which as a result, has pushed us off course of our “Purpose”, our true “Calling.”

The “Maybe it’s Me” book series and workbook is written to re-chart your course back to the initial journey to “The Call.”

To shorten the journey to your calling you must strengthen one’s “Mental Health” by establishing balance of the five sub-bodies. This will expedite your learning curve and, re-correct the course of your journey by aligning your Universe to the Universe, where your purpose and existence is in perfect execution.

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